Types of Rafts


The Nantahala River has a variety of raft types that are good for beginners as well as seasoned paddlers. Carolina Outfitters offers 8 person rafts, 6 person rafts, mini maxi rafts, single funyaks ( a.k.a duckies) and double funyaks. All of our boats are commercial grade self bailing rafts.  

Eight Person Raft

These rafts are the largest boats used on the river and are considered the most stable. These rafts get their name for the maximum amount of people they can hold. Their size makes them very stable for beginners but easier to get stuck on rocks. Eight Person Rafts are the most popular boat for our Guide In Boat trips.

Six Person Raft

Our Six Person Rafts are designed just like our Eight Person Rafts only a little smaller. They hold a maximum of, you guessed it, six people. Their smaller size makes them easier to handle for smaller groups, while still being as stable as their bigger brother. These rafts are a great choice for families wishing to tackle the Nantahala River on their own on a Non Guided Rafting trip. 

Mini Maxi Raft

The Mini Maxi Raft is a highly maneuverable and responsive boat. This raft is mostly suited for 2 to 3 people and its small size makes it very fun to run on the class II-III whitewater of the Nantahala River. These rafts are mostly used for small adventurous Non Guided groups.

Single Funyaks or Duckies

A smaller one person inflatable that is paddled with a double bladed paddle.  Fun and splashy, these boats are for the adventurous who want to explore the river on their own. Paddlers sit on the floor of the duckie so they should plan on getting soaked. Some previous experience is recommended for funyaks. There is a minimum age of 12 for this boat.

Double Funyak or Duckie

These two person inflatables look just like the single except it has extra room for a second person in the front. This tandem raft is all about teamwork! The paddler in the back of the funyak steers while the paddler in the front provides the power.  This is a good option for the adventurous paddle that wants to take their friend, spouse or child.