Ocoee River Release Schedule

The Ocoee River release schedule provides water for hydroelectric power production and recreational water releases for us to enjoy the river. 

2019 Middle Ocoee River Rafting Calendar:

2019 Middle Ocoee River release schedule

2019 Upper Ocoee River Rafting Calendar:

Upper Ocoee River Release Schedule

There are 3 dams on the Ocoee River that were built to help provide hydroelectric power for the surrounding areas.

Ocoee River Dam #1 was completed in 1911 and is best known for being the Lake Ocoee watershed. Also known as Parksville Lake, this lake is a great place to swim and boat. There are also beaches and picnic areas alongside the lake.

Ocoee River Dam #2 was completed two years later in 1913. This section is known as the Middle Ocoee River. This 30 foot dam funnels water through the historic wooden flume line to produce hydroelectric power. Dam #2 also provides regular water releases during the summer months giving white water lovers great Class III & IV  white water to enjoy. 

Ocoee River Dam #3 was built to help supply power for the WWII war effort and completed in 1942. This dam diverts water through a tunnel system carved in the mountains. Ocoee Dam #3 supplied water for the Ocoee White Water Course used in the 1996 Olympic Games. This world class white water is still rafted on the Upper Ocoee River during the summer.

Carolina Ocoee provides rafting trips on the Middle Ocoee section that is fed by Dam #2 and the Upper Ocoee section that is fed by Dam #3. The Ocoee River Rafting Release Schedule allows Outfitters and whitewater adventurers to have regular water releases and consistent flows. The Ocoee River is open for rafting March through October.

Here is a link to the TVA website for the Ocoee River Release Schedule

Middle Ocoee – www.tva.com/river/recreation/sched_ocoee2.htm

Upper Ocoee – www.tva.com/river/recreation/sched_ocoee3.htm