Middle Ocoee Rafting

Middle Ocoee River White Water Rafting

Middle Ocoee River

Duration: Half Day (Approximately 3.5 hours)
Time on Water: 2 hours
Minimum Age: 12+ years
Intensity: Exciting & splashy
No experience necessary. All trips are fully guided.
Equipment Provided: Raft, PFD, helmet, paddle, splash jacket and transportation.

The Middle Ocoee Rafting trip is the most popular white water rafting trip in the country. This is in most part due to our hot days, consistent dam released flows and awesome whitewater. From top to bottom the Ocoee River is a whitewater playground with nonstop waves, drops, and splashing that keep you soaked and smiling. As you paddle down river you will tackle rapids with names like Grumpy, Broken Nose, Slice-N-Dice, Flipper, Table Saw, Hell Hole, and Powerhouse.

At Carolina Ocoee we provide the best whitewater experience on the Ocoee River and this especially shows on our Middle Ocoee Rafting trips. We allow for more time to play and experience the Ocoee River. We surf and play where it is reasonable, as well as educate on the history and ecology of the river. Our guides are some of the most experienced on the river balancing play and safety to give the highest quality trip (you will not get a first year guide with only a handful of trips with us).


Middle OcoeeSun – Fri
April, May$40$40
July & August$40$50
Sept & Oct$40$40

For custom group rates call 423-496-5050 and ask for Jennifer