Nantahala River Release Schedule

Nantahala River Rafting Trips go out every day beginning in March and running through the end of October. Guided, Non-Guided, and Funyak(Duckie) Nantahala Rafting Trips are available daily. 

Nantahala River Rafting Schedule 2024

Nantahala River Recreation Flow Calendar

The Nantahala Dam was built to provide power to the surrounding areas as well as support the war effort; it was completed in 1942. Built by Nantahala Power and Light, the dam is an earthen dam that stands 250 feet tall and creates the Nantahala Lake. Quiet and beautiful, the Nantahala Lake sits just about 3000 feet in elevation. This makes the lake great for swimming, boating and anglers!

Purchased by Duke Power in the 1980’s the Nantahala Dam now provides hydroelectric power and recreational water releases for whitewater rafting during the summer months. Water is diverted from the bottom of Nantahala Lake through a pipeline to the powerhouse. The flow is then returned to the river and is a refreshing 50 degrees as it begins its way down the Lower Nantahala. This section of river is some of the best white water rafting in North Carolina. Cool, clear water and family friendly white water makes Nantahala River rafting trips a great river for beginners and families. 

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