Nantahala River Rafting Safety & Liability

The Carolina Outfitters team and guides make every reasonable effort to assure you and your party have a safe rafting experience.  Each guide is trained and certified in First Aid and CPR. However, the sport of whitewater rafting has inherent risks and dangers that are beyond human control and must be assumed by the participant. Carolina Outfitters does not assume liability for personal injuries or death. All participants and guests must agree to participate at their own risk and are required to sign a waiver of liability personally assuming all risks.


What else you will need to know for your rafting safety

  1. All rafters must listen to the pre-trip safety briefing. This is a requirement.
  2. You must have something on your feet. Canvas shoes are not recommended. Quick drying water shoes are best. Contact us if you need guidance on the best types of water shoes.
  3. You will wear your life jacket properly fastened, and closely fitted at all times on or near the river.

What we strictly prohibit for your rafting safety

  1. Absolutely no alcohol or drug use prior to or during rafting trip.
  2. No person under seven years old unless they weigh 60 lbs or more. This is for the safety of the child.


Whitewater rafting is exciting and with proper rafting safety guidelines and respect of the river, you can have a safe, memorable rafting experience for the whole family.  We have decades of experience in safely guiding thousands of people down the river.  If you have any questions about rafting safety, liability or anything else about your upcoming trip contact us.  The team at Carolina Outfitters look for ways to ensure you to have the best rafting experience!  Don’t hesitate to Email Us or give us a call: 828-488-6345

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Other Rafting Trip Information to know:

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