Day of Trip Things to Know

On the day of your rafting trip things to know:

We want you to have the best experience possible on the day of your rafting trip so here are a few things you need to know.

  • Know where the Carolina Outfitters outpost is located on the Nantahala River and how long it takes to get there.
  • You must be at the outpost 30 minutes prior to trip time. We are on EASTERN TIME (EST/EDT).
  • Come prepared to get wet with dry clothes for after your trip. What to Wear
  • Be prepared to help in paddling your raft on the river. As well as getting it to and from the river
  • After the trip we have changing facilities, trip souvenirs, and photos of your trip on the water.
  • Guide tipping is customary, if you had a great trip.


If you have any questions Email Us or please give us a call: 828-488-6345

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Other day of trip things to know:

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