Best Things To Do Near Ducktown, TN

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1. White Water Rafting On The Ocoee River.

 The best Ocoee River Rafting Near Ducktown, TN

Ducktown is the gateway to the awesome whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River. The Ocoee River is a splashy and fun Class III and IV white water rafting river.  Adventure seekers can choose from several trip options: The Middle Ocoee River Trip (Half Day), The Upper Ocoee River Trip (Half Day) or The Combo Ocoee Trip with a grilled riverside lunch (Full Day). No Experience is necessary since all trips are guided. Rafting the Ocoee River is a great way to connect as a family and experience the natural beauty of the Cherokee National Park. Ocoee River Rafting Info

2. Blue Hole Swimming On The Ocoee River

Blue Hole swimming on the Ocoee River

Located at the Ocoee Whitewater Center, Blue Hole is a great place to swim and snorkel or just cool off. The water is super clear so you can see a variety of fish and turtles.  Blue Hole also has some unique rock croppings that look like swiss cheese. You can swim thru and explore these interesting tunnels. Swimming and snorkeling are only allowed during the week (Monday- Friday) when the water is turned off. On Saturdays and Sundays the water is turned on and the river becomes a swift Class IV white water rafting area and absolutely no swimming is allowed. The area also has a nice picnic area and museum so pack a lunch! 

3. Turtletown Creek Falls

Turtletown Falls near Ducktown, TN
Photo by Joseph Semak

If a short hike to a great waterfall is what you’re looking for, then here it is. Turtletown Creek Falls is an easy to moderate 3.8 mile loop trail. The hike usually takes about 2 hours, but allow for more time because there is an upper and lower falls and folks tend to hang out and take photos. Dogs are allowed on the trail but must be on a leach, so take Fido they will love it!  Don’t forget your camera!

4. Toccoa River Fishing

Toccoa River Fishing at Horseshoe Bend Park

The Toccoa River is considered to be some of the best trout fishing in Georgia. Anglers can fish for brown trout, rainbow trout and brook trout in the waters of the Toccoa. The river is stocked by the fishery and has a healthy population of large trophy trout. There are several access points for wading trips including the easily accessible Horse Shoe Bend Park. If you have a boat then drift fishing on the Lower Toccoa is just the ticket. Drift fishing allows anglers to access several great fishing holes that aren’t accessible any other way. There are also guided fishing tours available in the area if you don’t have your own equipment.

5. Brush Creek Bike Trail

Brush Creek Trail mountain biking near Ducktown, TN

The Brush Creek Mountain Bike Trail is 14 miles of flowing single track located in the Cherokee National Forrest. The trial is well maintained and mostly hard packed with a few gravel areas. The trail starts at Boyds Gap Overlook and winds around to meet the Ocoee River. There are long range mountain views and lots of great spots to take in. Brush Creek trail is part of the larger Tanasi Trail System which is worth checking out if your going to be mountain biking in the area.

6. Copperhill, TN Shops

Copperhill, TN shopping and attractions

Copperhill is a charming old mining town that has great walk appeal. By that I mean it is a great place to just park your car and walk around town.  There are specialty boutiques, open air restaurants and several good antique stores worth checking out. There are also two local breweries in town to help you unwind from a busy day of adventuring.

Jennifer and Grant Outlaw are co-owners of Carolina Outfitters and Carolina Ocoee.  They’ve been paddling whitewater in the Ducktown, TN and Bryson City, NC rivers for years and know how to help you have a great experience.


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