Rafting through the Olympic section of the Upper Ocoee River is a awesome ride of excitement. The Olympic Section of the Ocoee River is a man altered coarse that was engineered for the 1996 Olympic Games. It was designed to challenge the best canoe and kayakers in the world. Every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day we get the opportunity to take guests through this awesome section of whitewater.

Your first rapid, Best Ledge, is a diagonal wave that soaks you right off the bat. Then you will slam and splash your way through Smiley Face, Slam Dunk, and Callahan’s Ledge before getting to the two biggest rapids on the whole river Godzilla and Humongous. These last to rapids are right next to each other and success on the first one dictated your success on the second one. So listen well and paddle hard so gold can be yours on the Olympic Section.