5 Sweet Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Bryson City, NC

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Love is in the air, and images of Pepe Le Pew and his undying love for Penelope Pussycat float through your mind. All those hearts floating in the air! Hopefully, you have an affectionate significant other to celebrate with. The goal is to spend time together away from the stresses of life and renew your love for each other. Below are 5 sweet things to do on Valentine’s Day.

1. A Romantic Scenic Drive

After having a leisurely breakfast in bed, or at your favorite restaurant (the one you went to on your first date is an excellent choice), pick a scenic highway and seek adventure. A drive along the Nantahala River is always beautiful no matter what time of the year. Stop at Patton’s Run, bring a chair, and hold hands while enjoying the quiet and peace of a flowing white water river.  Drive along Winding Stairs Mountain if it’s not covered in snow. Stop occasionally and take lots of pictures to remember this special day.

2. A Short Hike or Ice Skating

If your local ice-skating venue is open, give your love a whirl around the rink. Depending on how old you are, skating may throw you back to your roller skating days when a fun date was spent skating around in circles, holding hands, and listening to your favorite rock-in-roll songs. Would you rather stay on two steady feet? Deep Creek is just a short drive from Downtown Bryson City, and you can top your adventures off with lunch in their picnic area. Make sure your picnic basket is packed!

3. Visit An Antique Shop

After an adventurous day on the road, visit an antique shop. Buttermilk Farms Antiques is a lovely little antique shop in Bryson City, NC in the Great Smoky Mountains. Be sure to visit their new location in the Valley Village Shopping Center. If you love perusing old things and stepping back in time for a beat, then this is the place for you and your one and only love to visit. Take your time and immerse yourself in a long-ago era.

4.  The Chocolate Shoppe

Once your nostalgia for bygone days has been sated, head over to The Chocolate Shoppe. Inhale the heady aromas of fudge and caramel while falling in love with the beautiful seasonal decorations. All chocolates are made on site with recipes that date back as far as 75 years. Be sure and purchase a few treats for later!

5. Dinner and a Hot Tub

Choose a bed and breakfast or a quaint little inn and spend the evening relaxing together. You don’t have to drive far to enjoy a quiet evening alone. Historic Calhoun House Inn & Suites in downtown Bryson City is an excellent choice for a relaxing evening with the one you love. They offer all the luxuries of home plus jacuzzis! What a wonderful way to end a day of romance. Don’t forget about those chocolates! They will go well with champagne and a hot tub.

If you have all day, do all of them. If you only have an evening, choose one or two. Whatever you do for Valentine’s Day, make it memorable. Celebrate your love for each other as a reminder that there is more to life than making a living. Take time away from the stress of your life and your job. Remember why you fell in love, and what better day to do that than on Valentine’s Day? 

Margaret Marr, is a local author of paranormal, mystery, and suspense laced with romance. She has written over 15 books available on Amazon. 


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